Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life in Conservative America

What would things be like if America was run by conservative ideals?  Just look at what happened in rural Tennessee last week for a glimpse.  Now I don't know about you, but to me fire fighters and fire departments aren't supposed to be in the buisness of deciding whether or not to stop a fire form burning on the basis of whether the owner paid a fee.  This isn't the first time in our history that this kind of barbarism could happen.

Prior to the civil war this was the norm; fire departments where for profit and they would commonly forgo saving a house that had contracted with a competitor or who hadn't contracted with anyone at all.  We figured out from that failed experiment in capitalism that certain things shouldn't be optional and shouldn't be for profit.  Those functions are for the good of all of us and should be instead reserved for the commons, with everyone paying for the cost with their tax dollars.

These types of policies are the model for how conservatives would run things.  Are you a poor farmer living outside of city limits?  Can't afford to pay an extra fee to keep your house protected?  Guess you're SOL then buddy because the fire department only protect the well to do.  Can you imagine if they used the same system for the police?  Or paramedics?

Think about that, and if when you're done you still like the idea of fee based fire protection then I have just the place for you!

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