Friday, October 1, 2010

It's About Time!

For those who haven't heard the Federal government has finally had a burst of sanity and is funding something other then Abstinence-only Sex Ed.  It's taken 10 years of increasing teen pregnancy rates and increasing STD rates, but finally someone with the ability to actually look at evidence rather than their ideology is making these funding decisions.  Now we just need to not have the GOP fail to take over congress and maybe we won't see this reversed in the next budget year.

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  1. I've long said that the surest way to get teenagers to do something is to spend all you time telling them *not* to do it. You don't want teens having sex? Inform them and trust them to make up their own minds as their ever-changing bodies scream for sexual pleasure. Hammering home the idea of them remaining chaste is only going to drive them to have sex.