Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Poor Enough

So I was listening to an interview with Noam Chomsky yesterday when I heard him comment about how people in America are not so bad off that they can't get involved; how they are far better off then people who do get politically involved in other cultures.  I think Mr. Chomsky is missing a key concept of the conservative principals of control in that observation.

Some people think that it is the objective of the filthy rich and conservatives to make us all dirt poor, but that is not the case.  Rather, they want us all just poor enough.  If the populous is too well off (ie middle class) then they have excess time and resources to commit to being politically active.  Conversely, if they are too poor, so poor that they cannot fulfill the lowest level of Mazlow's hierarchy of needs, then they have no choice but to foment political opposition.  But if they are just poor enough that they can barely meet their basic needs, if they are just able to survive in their society, then they will not revolt.  They will continue to slave away striving to fulfill those basic needs and desperately trying to achieve some of their safety needs.

Sadly, in America right now many people are just poor enough...

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