Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Problem with Libertarianism

I personally have a fair amount of respect for libertarians.  True libertarians, like Ron Paul, tend to stand for some clearly identifiable and understandable positions and even to a large extent stay true to those principals.  The only problem is that libertarianism is based on a terrible faulty assumption.  Just as its ideological counterpart, communism, assumes that all of us are selfless noble creatures that will gladly reduce our own well being for the well being of other, libertarianism assumes that everyone is an all knowing individualist.  They cling to the ideal espoused by the objectivists (Ayn Rand, etc) that everyone is out only for themselves and that if everyone behaved in accordance with their "enlightened self interest" everything would be hunky dory.  We are neither entirely individualistic nor are we entirely community driven; rather these two forces constantly coutner ballance one another in our societies, and any political ideology that ignores one for the other is just as delusional as the other.

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  1. And when you get libertarianism run amok ... hello, Tea Party! Hello, Rand Paul, who hates the Civil Rights Act!